Purple Ribbon Winner

quilted wallhanging on oak rack

I made this wallhanging in 2005, as a challenge to myself, commemorating my 25 years of sewing. I used some of my favorite paper-pieced blocks (25 total).  The larger blocks were made without borders and the smaller blocks had enough border to make them match up with the larger blocks. It all worked out great, even though I didn’t have much of a plan when I started…ha ha!

The hardest block was the center one, with the paper-pieced sewing machine. I believe that was the inspiration for the whole project! It was all very tedious, for sure, but such a great accomplishment for me to finish…and THEN…it SAT…and waited and waited and waited to be quilted. You know what I’m talking about…ha ha!

One of my friends urged me to finish it for a local quilt show. I really was not confident enough to do the quilting over all those blocks that took so long to assemble! I just didn’t have the time or money to wait for professional quilting, so I finally gave in and tackled it myself! It was such a relief to get it done in time for the quilt show. I was extra surprised when it was awarded the purple ribbon for best in category. Cool!

I will always remember how I never would’ve finished it without my friend’s nagging…LOL! She always said, “Done is good” and that’s the truth!

In the Pines - A Forest of Paper-Pieced Quilts